Hey everyone! Figured it is time to update this blog.  I’ve done some dusting up around here.  We have a big announcement to make, so please head over to the News: Good and Bad page!


Updated pages

If you are looking for creative ways to spread the word about Dry Tears, we have updated the Resources and Spread the Word page with YouTube videos, a PowerPoint and a Prezi that you can share.  If you have any other resources that you come up with and are willing to share with us, you can email those to us.

Do you want to …

Do you want to start a Dry Tears chapter in your area?  Well, we have had a couple of people contact us about doing just that.  We are so encouraged that these brave souls have taken on the challenge, and do everything we can to help them.  So if you would like to do something like this, please contact us! We have promotional material as well as many fundraiser ideas and want to help in any way that we can.

What happened to the original Dry Tears?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you’ve been scrounging around the web trying to find the original Dry Tears website, you’re not going to find it.  Several years ago, Dry Tears was started by Conner Cress and 4 of his buddies in GA.  Their story was told in “Do Hard Things” by Alex and Brett Harris (a great book by the way)  My brother and I both read the book and it wasn’t long after that my brother and I started the MI branch.  Well, years go by and we all get older, and soon Conner and the guys were headed to college.  They quickly realized that they couldn’t effectively run the organization from all over the country, so they made the hard decision to put the GA branch of Dry Tears on hold while they were in college.  My brother and I are continuing to uphold and promote the mission and passion of Dry Tears here in MI, and look forward to having the GA branch up and running within the next few years.

Dry Tears is sponsoring a well!

Hey everyone! We wanted to let you know that Dry Tears is sponsoring a well in Uganda! Here’s the situation: the source is shared by three villages and because it’s a poor source, the three villages are affected by water related diseases like typhoid, bilharzia, trachoma etc. Evaline Ocen (pictured above) says her children fall sick quite often and its expensive treating them. “All I pray for is a well to be drilled in this village for my children and others in this village to be healthy. The well is always swallowed up by swamp during heavy rain and taste and color of the well changes bad.”
The only relief to this community is a well. The well costs $5,500, so you will see that the thermometer has been updated to reflect that cost. Thanks for all your support and we look forward to what will happen this year in Uganda!

a new fundraising goal!

Maybe you are wondering how much Dry Tears has raised this year.  I know, it’s only January 12th (at the time of writing this), but we have a thermometer in the right sidebar that will be up-to-date on how much we have raised in 2011.  Also, you may notice that at the top of the thermometer is $1,000. That’s because that is how much we want to raise in 2011.