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Dry Tears was started by Conner Cress and 4 of his friends in GA.  Their story was told in the book “Do Hard Things” which inspired my brother and I to start a branch in MI.  Since then, the GA branch has been put on hold while the guys are in college, and after college they hope to pick it back up and continue.  Meanwhile, my brother and I continue to support and promote the mission of Dry Tears.  Our contact info is listed below:

Snail mail:

324 Lake Angelus Rd
Auburn Hills MI 48326


To order merchandise:



5 thoughts on “Contact us!

  1. Nice to know what you do and very interesting. I am from Kenya and i do fundraising here for orphans, HIV+ and basically the needy. I hope to work and associate with you sometime in the future.

    David O. Okello
    Nairobi, KENYA

  2. I sent an email to the address above a few days ago and haven’t heard a reply, so I thought I would try this. Is there a way that I could start a dry tears chapter in Greenville SC. I was really inspired by the story in Do Hard Things. When they said that they were wanting others to start chapters I was really excited. But I haven’t heard from anyone. Any help would be appreciated!
    In Christ,
    Moriah Cassano

  3. Hi, I have been working on planning a fundraiser or two in the spring for Dry Tears, and I was wondering if it’s still possible to donate? Thanks, and God bless your efforts!

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