Our campaign

The campaign

This is a campaign of hope. This is a campaign of life.

Most would agree that every human is entitled to certain liberties. Life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

But the reality is that far too many struggle for what should be available to all. Millions of people across the continent of Africa and many other parts of the world struggle to find the food and water they need to survive. Hundreds of thousands die each year from dehydration or illness that comes from a lack of clean water. They are not concerned with the next new trend, or gadget. They are forced to spend their days in fear that the next sip they take could end their life or they might not find the sip that will save it. It’s time to make things right… We can no longer stand by and allow this reality to continue. It’s time to make a difference by changing our realities and changing the world…ONE TEAR AT A TIME.


One thought on “Our campaign

  1. I really like what you guys are doing. Tommorrow afternoon i am going to ask my youth minister if our church can make a fundraiser possible for of you guys. Hopefully it will work out in our favor!

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