Kuria project

Kuria project

The co-founders of Dry Tears had the opportunity to meet some of the folks at Nuru International at a conference in West Virginia. They have a holistic approach to sustainable development, and their mission is to end extreme poverty one community at a time. Their first community that they are working with is in Kuria, Kenya. They contacted Dry Tears to see if we could partner with them in their Water and Sanitation Program, and we happily accepted the offer.

They created an event called Be Hope to Her (BH2O+)

BH2O+ was designed to be a day of solidarity as students became advocates for those living without access to clean water in the developing world.  During the event, ladies on campus stepped into the daily experience of women in Africa by walking to a water source and carrying a bucket of water on their heads back to the rally point; simultaneously, guys swept the campus, inviting every student to embrace awareness and attend the rally following the solidarity walk.

As a result of generous sponsorships from Radiata InvestmentsDry Tears and The Franklin and Catherine Johnson Foundation, as well as over $2,000.00 raised by the students of 11 colleges across the nation, almost $37,000.00 was raised through BH2O+ which provides enough funding to drill all four well projects in Kuria, Kenya.

Here’s a video of the BH2O+ event and the work that Nuru is doing on the ground in Kuria.

Project total: $20,000


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