Nakuru special needs school

In March of 2008, Dry Tears was able to speak at a citywide Disciple Now event in Conyers, Georgia. At this event, the 400+ kids that were there were challenged to help make a difference to those who have nothing in Africa. As a result of this event, over $8,000 was raised in one weekend to help ease the suffering of the poor in Africa. God put Dry Tears in touch that weekend with The Beech Foundation, which is working with the poor in Nakuru, Kenya. The Nakuru Special Needs School, cares for over 170 special needs children, with only 6 workers and no running water. Can you imagine how difficult this is? With the funds that Dry Tears helped raised, a submersible pump is going to be dug and a water tower will be installed. The pump will fill the water tower, which will then provide water to the school. Dry Tears co-founder Conner Cress was able to go to Nakuru with a team of 20 to help get the project underway.

Project total: $10,000


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